Affordable, Quick, Easy & Pain Free Ear Wax Removal in Sydney

Convenient 30-minute ear cleaning appointments based in Castle Hill, Sydney. We have trained professionals and use state-of-the-art technology and equipment, including micro-suction to achieve clean, unblocked ears.


Hearing Specialists

At EAR STUDIO, we’re hearing specialists here to address any problems associated with overall ear health and clarity of hearing. A blocked feeling in the ears is often caused by ear wax.


At our clinic in Castle Hill, Sydney, we offer professional ear wax removal services. If there is no ear wax found in your appointment, which means ear wax is not the cause of your hearing blockage, we will thoroughly investigate the cause of your symptoms and provide a medical report to your doctor for prompt treatment.

Affordable Ear Wax Removal Service

Full Wax Removal

All ear cleaning procedures are carried out under direct vision through a head-worn microscope to achieve maximum patient comfort and safety.


Every patient’s ear canal and integrity of the tympanic membrane are evaluated before proceeding in order to choose the best approach to achieve clean ears. We can also remove compacted ear wax.


In a 30-minute appointment, we remove cerumen (ear wax), mostly without the prior use of softening agents. Our specialists use curetting, micro-suction, or computer-controlled irrigation where the ear canal is not pressurised during the procedure. This is a safe option when softening agents have been used or cerumen is attached to the tympanic membrane.  If required, patients benefit from the added support of a complimentary hearing screening after cerumen removal to identify any potential hearing issues.

What Our Clients Say

Kenneth Tong
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Was guided flawlessly through the whole ear wax removing process by Chelsea. My right ear was completely blocked by wax and I had basically lost my ability to hear in that ear, and it was restored in a couple of minutes, even though the wax was super stubborn and refused to come out. 10/10 fantastic service
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I was suffering from a very bad ear blockage in both my ears, due to complete blockage with the wax. Chelsea was very patient and made sure that the wax completely came out though it took almost 30 mins. I would recommend ear studio for sure.
Marco Hermano
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Just wanted to give a massive thanks to Daniel and Sandra at Ear Studio, such lovely people with vast knowledge and experience in the industry. Sandra demonstrated excellent professionalism in my ear wax removal whilst being super warm and friendly, she actively listened to what I had to say and took the time to walked me through step-by-step process of what she was going to do.
Mary Bonello
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I highly recommend Ear Studio. Daniel was brilliant with my girls during their ear wax removal. I am so happy with the entire experience. Thank you Daniel!!!
Kinshuk Thakur
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My wife was having trouble hearing due to wax blocked in her ear for the past 2 weeks. It came to a point where she couldn't hear anything through one of the ears. We tried wax oil, olive oil, removal by a GP with saline water but to no avail. We came to the clinic and within mere minutes her ear was cleared, her hearing was assessed and she could hear clearly again. Would recommend you visit here for any ear related issues.
Matt Robinson
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Sandra was fantastic with my elderly father who had both ears fully blocked with wax. The ears were gently vacuumed and cleaned over two treatments due to extreme blockage and now he can hear! Thanks Sandra for your gentle, caring, cautious & professional approach for a great outcome.

Our Unique & Uncompromising Approach

It’s what makes us not only different, but unique to other hearing health providers that ensures we deliver
consistent and positive hearing outcomes.

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All ear wax removal procedures are carried out under direct vision through a head-worn
microscope to achieve maximum safety for our patients. Where required, the patient benefits from the added
support of a hearing screening after cerumen removal to identify any potential hearing

Daniel Fechner
Director, Founder & Audiometrist

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