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Ear Wax Removal

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Many people are ill informed and told that there is nothing that can be done for tinnitus. This isn’t completely true.
Fortunately, there are options to assist in reducing the negative impact that tinnitus can have on a person’s health and emotional wellbeing.


Ear Studio works closely with ENT specialist surgeons and can help you determine if a cochlear implant may be the right solution for your hearing loss. Having strong relationships with cochlear implant specialists, we work with them and you – every step of the way, including and especially after implantation.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

Auditory processing is how the brain processes what you hear. In short, it’s how the brain recognises and interprets speech and sound. When there is an error in auditory processing, it is known as an auditory processing disorder (APD). This can result in a person not being able to understand well while their hearing may be perfect.

“Our drive and motivation are fuelled by the positive impact we can make on the hearing health and the wellbeing of our patients and their improved quality of life and relationships.”

– Daniel Fechner
Director, Founder & Audiometrist

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Michael Franks
Michael Franks
Many thanks to Brendan for his professionalism to diagnose a clogged ear canal in my elderly mother's ear, a problem in loss of hearing that was missed for years. After it was cleared, my mother can now hear far more than she could ever hear, and equally thank you to the ladies in reception who were so accommodating and cheerful.
Joo Han
Joo Han
I've experience sudden hearing loss with one of my ear, after been throughly examined & clean by Daniel, immediately I've got my hearing back, Highly recommended service to anyone who need it.
100% recommend, all who work here are extremely polite, welcoming and very professional. I personally recommend Dr. Ahmad, absolutely exceptional at what he does.
Alicia Malmur
Alicia Malmur
Daniel was so helpful, I couldn't believe how quick the procedure was. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you.
Sue McAllister
Sue McAllister
My GP suspected I had BPPV, Ear Studio where wonderful giving me a comprehensive examination. Professional, Caring and gave me confidence while finding an outcome. I would highly recommend Ear Studio. Thank you
Extremely professional
Hao Jiang
Hao Jiang
Fast and professional !
Nyree Mukundwa
Nyree Mukundwa
The ABSOLUTE BEST! fit me in on the day as I was so uncomfortable effortlessly unblocked both ears. I will be going back every 6 months for maintenance. Wonderful people and wonder service. Thank you!

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It’s what makes our hearing clinic not only different, but unique to other hearing health providers that ensures we deliver
consistent and positive hearing outcomes.

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