Is your hearing loss causing frustrations to your loved ones, for they cannot have meaningful conversations with you?

Ever felt embarrassed in public while trying to pretend
you’re present in a conversation?

How about the potential hazards of not hearing boiling kettles,
fire alarms and hostile situations?

Do you simply feel lonely and desperate to reconnect with people?

Let us help! At Ear Studio, you’ll get:

Genuine, Non Quick-Fix Approach

Never be pushed into buying products off the shelf

Hearing Aid

100% fit to your ear & customised to your hearing difficulties

Hands On Treatment
& Follow up

Multiple appointments until you get good results

Here’s how it works:

Schedule Your Initial Appointment

Hearing assessment, discussion and goal

Complete the Rehabilitation Journey

With custom-fit hearing aids and an individualised rehab program

Listen and
Converse Easily

Connect with your loved ones again, with regular check-ups

Hearing Care is never just about solving
an ear problem

Hearing loss is indeed a frustrating issue. It does not just impact yourself but also a huge inconvenience to the people around you – family, friends and work colleagues.

The impact of hearing loss can be much more than only Hearing issues. It may even lead to accelerated cognitive decline, and is a major cause to isolation and loneliness.

At EAR STUDIO, we’re all about eliminating the disconnect due to hearing issues,  so patients will no longer be bogged down by noisy environments, able to stay present in meaningful conversations, and keep up with genuine relationships.

  • I’ve never heard so well before Daniel has taken over my hearing care. He adjusted my current hearing aids with great success. My problems have minimised, and I enjoy socialising again. I will not let anyone else touch my hearing aids.

    – Margaret

  • I have been a client of Daniel’s for several years and can only speak highly of the care factor and service that is provided by Daniel. He goes always above and beyond.

    – Kelvin

  • Daniel is highly professional and such a warm and friendly person. I always enjoy going to my appointments.

    – Lizbeth

  • There is no looking back. Since I met Daniel I know I am in the best hands when it comes to my hearing. And my family is very happy that they don’t have to tell everything twice.

    – Charlie

    How much does it cost? Answer 5 quick questions and get an estimate immediately!

    Professionally speaking, choosing a hearing aid depends on many medical, personal and technical factors. 

    This tool is a simple indication of the potential cost for an individual hearing solution based on your
    life situation.

    This is a guideline for your reference, exact quotation is subject to an initial consultation and hearing test.