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Many people are ill informed and told that there is nothing that can be done for tinnitus. This isn’t completely true.
Fortunately, there are options to assist in reducing the negative impact that tinnitus can have on a person’s health and emotional wellbeing.


Ear Studio works closely with ENT Surgeons and can help you determine if a cochlear implant may be the right
hearing option for you. Having strong relationships with cochlear implant specialists, we work with them and you – every step of the way, including and especially after implantation.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

Auditory processing is how the brain processes what you hear. In short, it’s how the brain recognises and interprets speech and sound. When there is an error in auditory processing, it is known as an auditory processing disorder (APD). This can result in a person not being able to understand well while their hearing may be perfect.

“Our drive and motivation are fuelled by the positive impact we can make on the hearing health and the wellbeing of our patients and their improved quality of life and relationships.”

– Daniel Fechner
Director, Founder & Audiometrist

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Pia Gonzalez
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I cannot recommend the Ear studio enough! Ear issues are absolutely no joke and every team member of the Ear Studio provide incredibly kind, empathetic and highly knowledgeable service that definitely goes above and beyond.

I was so lucky to have been recommended to attend the Ear Studio through my dad when I had a very sudden issue in my left ear. Daniel made me feel incredibly well taken care of from the minute I walked in and I left after only a second visit with a fully restored ear. The service, professionalism and approachability of this team is unmatched.
Bianca Staden
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I went to see the ear studio and was seen by Sandra. My experience was amazing, Sandra was lovely, personable and professional. Thank you very much for your help today.would recommend this company and Sandra to all... PS: the reception staff were also lovely to deal with.
Kenneth Tong
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Was guided flawlessly through the whole ear wax removing process by Chelsea. My right ear was completely blocked by wax and I had basically lost my ability to hear in that ear, and it was restored in a couple of minutes, even though the wax was super stubborn and refused to come out. 10/10 fantastic service
Leanne cox
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I have been taking my mother to the Ear Studio for many years and cannot praise Daniel and his team enough. Their patience with my 86 year old mother as well as their professionalism and expertise is unmatched. I feel confident that I am get the best service and hearing aid possible for my mom without the hefty costs that many places charge. Ps I must mention that they do ear cleaning. Dont waste your time at the ear specialist, Daniel and Sandra do an amazing job! Im am a client for life ! Thank you
Kinshuk Thakur
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My wife was having trouble hearing due to wax blocked in her ear for the past 2 weeks. It came to a point where she couldn't hear anything through one of the ears. We tried wax oil, olive oil, removal by a GP with saline water but to no avail. We came to the clinic and within mere minutes her ear was cleared, her hearing was assessed and she could hear clearly again. Would recommend you visit here for any ear related issues.
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I was suffering from a very bad ear blockage in both my ears, due to complete blockage with the wax. Ear Studio was very patient and made sure that the wax completely came out though it took almost 30 mins. I would recommend ear studio for sure.
Murray Lineham
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My ongoing experience of the level of service from Daniel and his team at Ear Studio has been exceptional. With almost a 2 years as a client of Daniel his experience & care is next level. He is a true hearing professional who has his clients best interest at the forefront of their hearing care. I have over 20 years of dependence on hearing devices & recently just upgraded with new hearing devices from Daniel.

Every step of the way through this process, I was never put under pressure to buy, instead Daniel explored all options & I was guided by a true professional to make an informed decision. I am delighted with the result, "Its the German way of audiology care" is how Daniel promotes his individual level of service. I thoroughly recommend Daniel & Ear Studio to anyone seeking personalised & professional hearing care.
Bruno Lovric
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HI.For whatetver is worth i cannot thank you enough for your proffesional approach and advice.You fix my MID EAR problem.With so meny visits to ear clinics I hit a jack pot with you guys. Meny thanks.We sending love greetings from Croatia
Mark Mansour
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After 4 days of a throbbing, ringing, blocked ear I went to a GP who was no help. She referred me to a specialist who had no availability for 4 months. Subsequent calls to specialist showed much of them same. I stumbled across Ear Studio by accident. I called, in pain needing help. An appointment was scheduled super quick.

On arrival, Sandra met me and was an absolute delight. She had a lovely manner and made be feel super comfy during the extraction. She warned about what was to come and explained the function of the ear and why it was blocked. I hope to never go through this again, but if I am ever dumb enough to clean my ears with cotton buds and I block my ears again, then the Ear Studio will be my first call!
Marco Hermano
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Just wanted to give a massive thanks to Daniel and Sandra at Ear Studio, such lovely people with vast knowledge and experience in the industry. Sandra demonstrated excellent professionalism in my ear wax removal whilst being super warm and friendly, she actively listened to what I had to say and took the time to walked me through step-by-step process of what she was going to do.

This was my first time at Ear Studio and the whole experience was beyond exceptional of what I was expecting, I felt really comfortable the entire time I was there and highly recommend seeing them 110% – Thanks again Sandra and Daniel !!!
Kishwar Alamgir
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Such a warm, compassionate, and caring team. I saw both Daniel and Sandra for my tinnitus issue and they took extremely good care of me. I was so impressed by their professionalism that I booked an appointment for my husband the following week.

Both my husband and I are very impressed with their level of care. Daniel even took the time to message me the next day to see if I was feeling better. He is very dedicated and passionate about his job. Sandra is also extremely empathetic and supportive. I cannot recommend this Ear Clinic enough!! They are truly outstanding!!
Nathan Camilleri
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Super friendly and professional staff. The procedure was performed very delicately and wasn't painful at all. Can hear perfectly again all thanks to Ear Studio! Will definitely be coming back if I ever need their services again.
Catherine Mannix
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Took my mother in for a hearing check. Daniel was very professional, made us feel comfortable and listened to both of us. Highly recommend Ear Studio. My mother said she was very comfortable and felt supported by Daniel in regards to her hearing issues.
Vlad Shurupov
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Daniel is a remarkably caring and passionate professional. My blocked ear was causing me a lot of discomfort. It got treated with utmost care in a prompt fashion. I highly recommend Ear Studio.
Jasveen Gosal
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I was given an appointment on the day because I had such a bad ear ache and the service provided was above and beyond. The Ear Studio took their time and gently, safely and slowly removed the wax out of my ear. Amazing, friendly and professional service provided. I was close to tears because of how happy I was! Thank you!
David Ishak
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Daniel offers a fantastic and Professional Service. I highly recommend anyone on the bench about checking the health of their ears to make an appointment today! Certainly an educational and helpful experience.....
Matt Burnage
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Awesome service, quick and easy. Very friendly staff. They made me feel comfortable from the start and talked me through the whole process of what was going on and was going to happen.

Definitely recommend for any hearing problems, they have years of experience and it shows!

Very happy!
Robert Apostoli
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Great place to have your ears and hearing checked. The consultation with Daniel was very informative and thorough. I highly recommend Ear Studio for all your hearing needs!
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Daniel was really friendly and very good at what he does! I needed both ears cleaned out with microsuction and he did them both without any discomfort or pain and now I can hear EVERYTHING! I'll definitely be coming back in 6 months for another clean and I couldn't recommend him highly enough to anyone needing their ears cleaned out! Thanks so much Daniel!
Jen C
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Daniel of the Ear Studio is impressive. His passionate approach to ear health is more holistic and he takes the time to get to know you and your lifestyle as part of his assessment of your hearing. His studio is in a relaxed and comfortable setting; not clinical at all. I can highly recommend meeting Daniel if you have any hearing concerns, no matter what age.

Our Unique & Uncompromising Approach

It’s what makes our hearing clinic not only different, but unique to other hearing health providers that ensures we deliver
consistent and positive hearing outcomes.

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