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As of 2022, our team consists of seven people who share in the same goals and vision. This is to assist people with hearing and balance issues to a greater quality of life by reducing the negatives those issues have on their lives.

Ear Studio is Sydney's Specialist Practice For All Things Hearing

Our goal has always been to build an audiology competence centre which can help patients in all things hearing. From the removal of ear-wax blockages to hearing aids, Tinnitus management and cochlear implants to auditory processing rehabilitation and the diagnostic and treatment of balance issues. Founded in 2019 just before the first pandemic of our lifetime has hit we have worked on this goal ever since. After three years of hard work, sometimes in isolation and sometimes not, we are happy to have achieved these major goals of the first phase. But our nature is not to sit back but to work according to our passion and keep innovating as long as there are people with hearing and balance issues. We endeavour to help to the very best of our abilities.

About Daniel Fechner

Audiometrist, Director of Ear Studio

AUG 2002

Beginning of my career in the Audiology industry and the start of my apprenticeship

JAN 2005

Completed an apprenticeship and qualified as a Hearing Aid Specialist

JUL 2008

Qualified as a Master Craftsman of Hearing Aid Acoustics

APR 2014

After many years in the corporate hearing industry, I joined a social project for hearing impaired children in Peru

FEB 2015

I moved to Australia and have since worked here as a Qualified Practitioner (Audiometrist) certified to provide services under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program since 10/2015

MAY 2019

After over 15 years in the hearing industry, I have decided to open my own hearing clinic focusing on excellent client outcomes


After the first three years and a pandemic behind, Ear Studio has grown into an audiology competence centre offering wax removal, tinnitus and cochlear implant services as well as balance diagnostic and treatments. And we won’t stop here….

Meet the team

Daniel Fechner


Daniel is an Audiometrist with 20 years of experience across three continents. Trained in Germany, Daniel is passionate about bringing the gift of hearing to his clients through an evidence-based, German rehabilitation approach.

Dr. Ahmad Lotfy

Vestibular Audiologist

Ahmad has over 15 years of experience in the audiology industry and is a highly educated practitioner in medicine and audiology. With a Bachelor in Medicine, Diploma in Vestibulogy, a Master in Audiology and a PhD in Audiology, Ahmad works in diagnostics and treatment for hearing and balance disorders. Ahmad is currently undergoing further studies to get his MD recognised in Australia so he can practice as a medical doctor.

Sandra Razzaghipour


Sandra is an Audiometrist with 6 years of experience in the hearing industry. She has a focus on adult rehabilitation and ear wax removal. In addition to adult rehabilitation, Sandra also works in the field of tinnitus management and counselling.

Brendon Jones


Brendon has a background of music and sound design as well as a Masters degree in clinical audiology. He understands the impact that hearing has on the wellbeing of the entire person. In addition to general audiology, Brendon underwent further education and as a result practices in the area of balance disorders.

Orianna Dimarco


Orianna has been working in the area of client care and service in the hearing industry for over 20 years and makes sure everything is running smoothly and clients receive excellent on-the-spot service.

Sarah Morgans


With her outstandingly positive attitude and organisational talent, Sarah brings a lot of clarity into a busy clinic. She has been working in medical practices for some time and brings a wealth of knowledge and analytical skills so that as a whole clinic we can focus on providing excellent clinical results for our patients.

Lorella Gullotta


Lorella would ‘give her last shirt’ for any of our patients. With genuine care and compassion nothing is too hard and she always strives to make sure every patient receives what they need. Lorella has been working in the hearing care industry for over 6 years.

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Our Unique & Uncompromising Approach

It’s what makes us not only different, but unique to other hearing health providers that ensures we deliver
consistent and positive hearing outcomes.

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