You won't find a more detailed hearing assessment

Unlike most hearing clinics, our comprehensive hearing assessment is a 90-minute analysis of your hearing organ with a focus on precise diagnostics. From here we benchmark your hearing and breakdown the treatment process ensuring you are informed and supported every step of the way.


What to expect at an ear studio hearing assessment

During this appointment your hearing challenges are discussed and assessed in great detail, includes a
comprehensive hearing test in our soundproof clinical rooms, we establish your personal hearing profile and set your hearing objectives across various listening situations.

Our hearing assessment will help our Audiologist to fully understand your situation and needs in order to match your challenges with the right treatment, equipment and hearing technology.

This is the very first step to better hearing and sets your individual path for renewed communication and
engagement with friends and family. From here, we set the foundations for your personal, positive hearing
outcomes by working through the following:

It’s as simple as...

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Who is Daniel Fechner?

AUG 2002

Beginning of my career in the Audiology industry and the start of my apprenticeship

JAN 2005

Completed an apprenticeship and qualified as a Hearing Aid Specialist

JUL 2008

Qualified as a Master Craftsman of Hearing Aid Acoustics

APR 2014

After many years in the corporate hearing industry, I joined a social project for hearing impaired children in Peru

FEB 2015

I moved to Australia and have since worked here as a Qualified Practitioner (Audiometrist) certified to provide services under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program since 10/2015

MAY 2019

After over 15 years in the hearing industry, I have decided to open my own hearing clinic focusing on excellent client outcomes


After the first three years and a pandemic behind, Ear Studio has grown into an audiology competence centre offering wax removal, tinnitus and cochlear implant services as well as balance diagnostic and treatments. And we won’t stop here….

What Our Clients Say

Michael Franks
Michael Franks
Many thanks to Brendan for his professionalism to diagnose a clogged ear canal in my elderly mother's ear, a problem in loss of hearing that was missed for years. After it was cleared, my mother can now hear far more than she could ever hear, and equally thank you to the ladies in reception who were so accommodating and cheerful.
Joo Han
Joo Han
I've experience sudden hearing loss with one of my ear, after been throughly examined & clean by Daniel, immediately I've got my hearing back, Highly recommended service to anyone who need it.
100% recommend, all who work here are extremely polite, welcoming and very professional. I personally recommend Dr. Ahmad, absolutely exceptional at what he does.
Alicia Malmur
Alicia Malmur
Daniel was so helpful, I couldn't believe how quick the procedure was. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you.
Sue McAllister
Sue McAllister
My GP suspected I had BPPV, Ear Studio where wonderful giving me a comprehensive examination. Professional, Caring and gave me confidence while finding an outcome. I would highly recommend Ear Studio. Thank you
Extremely professional
Hao Jiang
Hao Jiang
Fast and professional !
Nyree Mukundwa
Nyree Mukundwa
The ABSOLUTE BEST! fit me in on the day as I was so uncomfortable effortlessly unblocked both ears. I will be going back every 6 months for maintenance. Wonderful people and wonder service. Thank you!

Our Unique & Uncompromising Approach

It’s what makes us not only different, but unique to other hearing health providers that ensures we deliver
consistent and positive hearing outcomes.

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