Tinnitus Assessment & Management Options

Many people experience signs of tinnitus throughout their lives. Often, people hear that nothing can be done- however, In many cases symptoms can be addressed and improved. Explore the possibilities of reducing the effects of tinnitus and contact us today.


Tinnitus Facts

1 in 3 people in Australia live with tinnitus

1 in 6 people experience it constantly

Both adults and children can experience tinnitus

Older adults are more likely to experience tinnitus because of age-related hearing loss

Common causes of tinnitus can include:

Hearing loss

Ear wax

Prolonged exposure to loud noises

Ear infections


Head injuries

Ménière’s disease

Some medication

Your Tinnitus Assessment & Support starts Here

A 90-120 Minute Appointment

A thorough consultation with tinnitus-specific equipment assist our Audiologists in assessing your tinnitus situation and challenges.

We work with your medical professionals

We keep close contact with your GP and specialists, offering recommendations and ensuring a detailed report of your tinnitus assessment

Ongoing care and management

Our hearing care team will support you with ongoing management such as counselling and referrals. We may suggest a hearing aid or recommend other devices or solutions. We inform, educate and empower you along the way.

What Our Clients Say

Kishwar Alamgir
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Such a warm, compassionate, and caring team. I saw both Daniel and Sandra for my tinnitus issue and they took extremely good care of me. I was so impressed by their professionalism that I booked an appointment for my husband the following week. Both my husband and I are very impressed with their level of care. Daniel even took the time to message me the next day to see if I was feeling better. He is very dedicated and passionate about his job. Sandra is also extremely empathetic and supportive. I cannot recommend this Ear Clinic enough!! They are truly outstanding!!
Kenneth Tong
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Was guided flawlessly through the whole ear wax removing process by Chelsea. My right ear was completely blocked by wax and I had basically lost my ability to hear in that ear, and it was restored in a couple of minutes, even though the wax was super stubborn and refused to come out. 10/10 fantastic service
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I was suffering from a very bad ear blockage in both my ears, due to complete blockage with the wax. Chelsea was very patient and made sure that the wax completely came out though it took almost 30 mins. I would recommend ear studio for sure.
Marco Hermano
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Just wanted to give a massive thanks to Daniel and Sandra at Ear Studio, such lovely people with vast knowledge and experience in the industry. Sandra demonstrated excellent professionalism in my ear wax removal whilst being super warm and friendly, she actively listened to what I had to say and took the time to walked me through step-by-step process of what she was going to do.
Samantha Almeda
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A really great team, so friendly, kind and make you feel very comfortable. Very professional, clean and thorough with their care. My partner and I both went and would not go anywhere else. Daniel and Chelsea are a great team and very gentle with their care. Thank you for taking such good care of us and being such lovely people! Couldn’t recommend them more

Do you experience Tinnitus?

It’s time to explore avenues to help identify and relieve the effects of Tinnitus. Book your tinnitus assessment below.

Many hearing aid clinics only deal with hearing instruments, and do not specialise in treating people with Tinnitus. In an initial consultation with us, you will get a true perspective of your Tinnitus, so that you are able to make informed decisions under our professional guidance.

Daniel Fechner
Director, Founder & Audiometrist

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