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Our approach is driven by rehabilitation outcomes and not commercial interests – an approach very different to those of most hearing clinics. This means that we are working with you to achieve great hearing outcomes BEFORE you purchase any devices.


Our Unique Hearing Rehabilitation Program Is Built Around The Benefits For You

Hearing and Understanding are two fundamentally different things. As we lose hearing over time the brain loses the ability to process sounds – noises and speech – correctly. When getting hearing aids for the first time these things sound different than the did before. The brain needs to learn how to process those ‘new’ sounds correctly. For this purpose, we use a proprietary app-based Hearing Rehabilitation Program designed to teach the brain through auditory training how to understand better. This is key to success with new hearing aids and included in the fitting of your devices. Ear Studio is the only Australian clinic using this approach which has been gold standard in Germany for decades.

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Hearing Aid First Timers

Especially when getting a hearing aid for the first time the rehabilitation process is of utmost importance. The brain has not heard well for some time and we slowly need to guide the brain to better speech understanding.

Upgrade Or Replacement

Most people in Australia upgrade or replace their hearing aids every 4-5 years. Before any of this we recommend going through a solid rehab process to identify the benefit of a potential upgrade. berfore committing.

How is Our Approach Different?

The aim of the Ear Studio Audiology Competency Centre is to ensure that all patients receive the highest possible improvement in their daily communication through the hearing solutions and rehabilitation we provide. We focus purely on audiological outcomes both objectively, subjectively and measure listening and communication abilities pre- and post-intervention.

Proprietary Rehabilitation Program exclusive to Ear Studio

To support you in your rehabilitation journey, we use an exclusive hearing rehabilitation program prior to purchasing any hearing aids. This comprehensive process offers the opportunity to acclimatise to new speech and environmental sounds ensuring you can process and understand the sounds, we can make finer acoustic adjustments, and evaluate clinical outcome in order to identify the benefits of the selected hearing aids before any decision is made.

Pensioners, Veterans, Private Patients & Workcover

We see private patients as well as pensioners and veterans. Under the Hearing Services Program of the Australian Government, some services are fully covered for pensioners. As an approved provider of the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), we are ready to support Workers Compensation cases with diagnostic services and aural rehabilitation treatment.

Our Guarantee

Most hearing clinics in Australia have a 30-day money-back guarantee paying upfront before really knowing or understanding how well the process and the hearing aids actually will work. Through our exclusive rehabilitation process patients have approximately 3-4 weeks of real-life hearing aid experience prior to making a decision. Once hearing aids are purchased, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. In our experience this is rarely, if not needed at all. We find that you know exactly how well the hearing aids work well before the final decision and purchase is made.

What Our Clients Say

Richard Nassif
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Outstanding care and service. Nothing was a problem. I had so many complex issues with Tendinitis and hearing loss. After several appointments and tests, we finally agreed to try Hearing Aids to see if this could assist me with my concerns. Daniel actually recommended that I do not right now and consider it in a few Years if hearing loss becomes more apparent. THANKS SO MUCH for the great Experience and not Being a Sales Only Person but rather had the Clients' interest in mind. WOW MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!! Many Blessings to you!
Kenneth Tong
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Was guided flawlessly through the whole ear wax removing process by Chelsea. My right ear was completely blocked by wax and I had basically lost my ability to hear in that ear, and it was restored in a couple of minutes, even though the wax was super stubborn and refused to come out. 10/10 fantastic service
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I was suffering from a very bad ear blockage in both my ears, due to complete blockage with the wax. Chelsea was very patient and made sure that the wax completely came out though it took almost 30 mins. I would recommend ear studio for sure.
Marco Hermano
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Just wanted to give a massive thanks to Daniel and Sandra at Ear Studio, such lovely people with vast knowledge and experience in the industry. Sandra demonstrated excellent professionalism in my ear wax removal whilst being super warm and friendly, she actively listened to what I had to say and took the time to walked me through step-by-step process of what she was going to do.
Samantha Almeda
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A really great team, so friendly, kind and make you feel very comfortable. Very professional, clean and thorough with their care. My partner and I both went and would not go anywhere else. Daniel and Chelsea are a great team and very gentle with their care. Thank you for taking such good care of us and being such lovely people! Couldn’t recommend them more

“No patient is provided with a hearing solution without first going through our proprietary
rehabilitation process. Our process is designed to identify the hearing solution that ensures the highest outcomes are achieved for each individual patient. Our approach is driven by rehabilitation outcomes and not commercial interests – an approach very different to that of most hearing clinics.”

Daniel Fechner
Director, Founder & Audiometrist

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