Ear Wax Removal from $65 at Castle Hill, Sydney

Get your ears cleaned & unblocked by qualified professionals in minutes, completely pain-free.

*Wax removal is free of charge for eligible pensioners

"There is no looking back. Since I met Daniel I know I am in the best hands when it comes to my hearing. And my family is very happy that they don’t have to tell everything twice."  

- Charlie

"Daniel is highly professional and such a warm and friendly person. I always enjoy going to my appointments."  

- Lizbeth

Get your ear wax removal with Ear Studio in a simple, quick session:

Micro Suction Technology

The quickest and safest way to get the job done, operated by qualified professionals

Clear & Fair Pricing

$65 - $120 with complimentary preventive consultation to avoid future build up. And if you're an eligible pensioner, it's free of charge

Make the Most of Your Private Health Insurance

Treatment may be eligible for private health claims, depending on your cover

Are your blocked ears bugging your everyday life?

Sick of this little something that's always stuck in your ear?  

Get this annoying thing out of the way and hear clearly again!


*Wax removal is free of charge for eligible pensioners

Preventative Consultation with Minor Wax Removal 

To avoid future build up, applicable for canals less than 50% blocked

Full Wax Removal One Ear  

When one canal is more than 50% blocked

Full Wax Removal Both Ears  

When both canals are more than 50% blocked

Forget the ear drops and cotton sticks to try to get this annoying thing out of your ear yourself.  

Get your ears clean and unblocked within minutes with us today!