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Industrial Deafness

This term is widely used for noise-induced hearing loss and is very common for those born around 1940-1960. At highest risk are boilermakers, plumbers, rail-workers, metalworkers, builders, machine operators, miners, panel beaters as well as vehicle and aircraft mechanics.

We come across industrial deafness on a nearly daily basis and find that many clients don’t know that they may be entitled to benefits through workers compensation. Even many years after employment has ceased.

The process is relatively simple and often very beneficial for the ex-worker. There are two separate claim options for most workers. 

Claim for Hearing Rehabilitation Costs

It all starts with a hearing assessment. If it is found that the hearing loss may be due to previous work-related noise exposure, we can help you fill out and lodge a simple form with an NSW Government agency which will then arrange a medical assessment. If the assessment concludes noise-related hearing loss caused by previous employment, the responsible insurer will recognise liability for the hearing loss. With approval, you are entitled to free hearing care. There is NO out-of-pocket cost for the ex-worker/worker within the Workers Compensation approved schedule!

Claim for Financial Compensation 

A Claim for financial compensation is different and handled by a lawyer or solicitor. There are many law firms that specialise in injury compensation claims and often work on a no-win-no-fee basis. 

If you think you may suffer from industrial deafness, feel free to book an appointment. We can then assess your hearing and guide you through the process and paperwork along the way. The best thing – these assessments are free of charge under the compensation scheme.