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How To Safely Access Hearing Healthcare Amid Virus-Outbreak

These are interesting times indeed. We come in contact with many people on a daily basis and the atmosphere has changed a bit lately. I wanted to take a moment and update you on how you can still access hearing care services while protecting yourself in the current situation. While the health care industry has increased levels of infection control and hygiene in any case the current situation requires even greater measures to be implemented.

Most of our clients are seniors and with that, it is strongly recommended to take special care. We are following the advice of medical experts and the Australian Government. As a small local business, we have taken steps to protect our clients and staff as best we can. From now on we operate in two different ways:

Home Care Service

We understand that some people choose to self-isolate these days. For those who are in the especially vulnerable group of people and prefer to stay at home, we are now offering a special home-care service. Most appointment types including wax removal can be performed in a home environment. So, if you wish we can come out to you. Our staff will be performing thorough hand hygiene with surgical-grade disinfectant and wearing gloves and a mask when visiting you at your home. Any equipment we are using will be cleaned and disinfected before entering your home. All home visits will be conducted either first thing in the morning or on a day where our staff are not working in the clinic location so that the exposure to other people before your appointment is limited. Our staff do not use any form of public transport and our vehicles are cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day. 

Continued Service At Our Clinic – With Significantly Increased Hygiene Measures

We have consulted with a leading Australian infection control company to adjust our procedures and to maximise the safety of our staff and clients. 

The additional measures we have taken are:

  • We now use our separate entrance from the side of the building into our practice so that no common areas need to be used. 
  • We have reduced the number of appointments with more space in between to avoid any waiting time.
  • We now operate two separate waiting rooms in case more than one party is in the facility (e.g. for emergency appointments) 
  • We have installed a hand wash basin and disinfectant station in the waiting room. 
  • Every consulting room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each client. 
  • We have made two more rooms available and alternate the consulting rooms for greater safety of our clients. 
  • Any equipment and furniture with touchpoints to the client are cleaned and disinfected after each client with hospital-grade cleaning agents. 
  • We upgraded the personal hygiene and handwashing measures to near surgical standards after and before every client. 
  • Our staff are working in shifts from home or on-site so that we limit the number of contacts and potential transmission. 
  • Our staff are practising social distancing in their private lives and avoid or significantly limit any social activities.

With these measures, we are confident that we are appropriately prepared to continue providing hearing care services with a significantly increased level of protection against acquisition or transmission of the Covid-19 virus for anyone accessing our services. 

Wishing you all the very best,

The Team from EAR STUDIO

Non-Contact Hearing Aid Servicing and Repairs

We understand that there is an increased level of concern due to the current coronavirus pandemic – and we all do our bit to help reduce the impact on society. 

During the active phase of the current situation regarding the Covid-19 virus we are offering the above-mentioned Home Care Service and also offer Non-Contact Hearing Aid Servicing and Repairs. So, you don’t need to be without good hearing. Here is how it works:

  1. Call us and arrange a pick-up time and location of your devices
  2. We call you when we are there, and you can put the devices at your doorstep. In our clinic, we assess the devices and carry out all required works.
  3. We deliver the devices to the arranged time and location. 

In this way, we can provide you with the most required servicing without you visiting our office. Via teleconsultations and live chats, we can discuss the required adjustments and measures remotely. In some cases, we can even adjust your hearing aids in a non-contact manner using modern wireless fitting equipment.

We can certainly deliver any necessary supplies like batteries, filters and cleaning equipment. 

Please call us on 9159 6122 if you require any hearing aid servicing or adjustments but prefer not to leave your home. We will discuss the best possible option for you and try to serve you as well as we can.