Treatment Process

Beginning the treatment process

Provided below is a detailed breakdown of the entire treatment process from start to finish, and the expected outcomes from each of the sessions.
The treatment process can be simplified into four stages:

1. Assessment

In this appointment, your hearing issues will be discussed and assessed in great detail; including a comprehensive hearing test, personal hearing profile, and goal setting to include all aspects of your hearing situation.

This assessment will help us fully understand your situation and needs in order to match your issues with the right equipment and treatment so that we can later achieve your desired results. To proceed with the treatment process, impressions of the ears are taken to make custom made ear moulds for the next stage.

2. Training

The next step is the hearing rehabilitation journey which begins 1 to 2 weeks later.

This phase of the treatment process is critical, as we train the brain how to process sounds after not hearing well for a fairly long time. We fit training devices and discuss how to use them, and what hearing exercises are helpful to do over the next multiple weeks.

3. Final Analysis

Over two following appointments we assess the improvement through the training and discuss if you would like to purchase hearing instruments once the training is completed. We organise a fitting appointment for your personal hearing instruments if you choose to go ahead.

4. Fitting

At this appointment we fit the devices you have selected at the last appointment. Using German engineered technology and fitting processes we ensure the hearing instruments are fitted to world class standards. We explain in detail how you handle the hearing instruments and make sure the initial results are on track.

5. Ongoing Services & Review

Over two more appointments within 4 months we ensure you are getting the highest level of speech understanding possible and that we have achieved the goals we set in the very beginning. From then onwards we will have some review appointments per year to ensure you keep getting the best possible results.

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