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This is a basic hearing aid which covers the basic communication needs as determined by the Australian Government (subject to eligibility requirements).There is no out of pocket charge for these devices. If you are eligible for this category but choose a device in the higher categories, you receive a subsidy towards your chosen hearing instruments.

Watching The Budget


A well-priced entry level hearing aid for those who need to watch the budget. This category brings a hearing aid solution that is above basic level, offers some more comfort features and connectivity to media devices such as television.

Relaxed Retiree


Devices in this category are equipped with all necessary features to improve the hearing experience in quiet listening environments. You can expect comfortable hearing in one-on-one conversations. People who are not experiencing lots of background noise in their everyday life and want a good entry level device are expected to achieve good results with this solution.

Everyday Life


Hearing solutions in this category offer a solid performance for users in everyday life. With a mix of both, a quiet and social lifestyle the wearer of this hearing instrument experiences good comfort and speech understanding in most listening situations. People who choose this device:

Are mainly in quiet situations like one-on-one conversations in private and business life; attend irregular meetings or social events with colleagues, family and friends in situations with background noise; or are looking for a solid mid-range solution with great value/benefit ratio.

These devices can handle general background noise but when it gets really noisy this solution may reach it’s limits. It can be equipped with additional accessories to combat those special situations if necessary.

Business & Lifestyle


Challenges in business meetings at work and struggling to understand conversations in everyday life? Retired – but busier than ever? Many phone calls and noisy situations throughout the week and conversations are difficult to follow?

Hearing solutions in this category are an excellent choice for people who experience significant hearing difficulties in both, private and business life but do not need the top of the range solution.

These hearing instruments provide great technology for around 85% of all hearing situations. People in business life or those with a very active and social lifestyle often choose this category.

Busy Executives


This category delivers the best hearing technology that is currently available. Packed with features to get the best possible hearing result. This solution suits two major groups of people:

Executives and professionals who attend busy and frequent meetings and rely on their hearing to make important decisions and those who just cannot afford to miss out in conversation; and those who place health on number one priority and want to make sure they choose the most up-to-date technology to advance their hearing in the best possible way.

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