Free Hearing Care For Pensioners & Veterans

Improve your quality of life and start hearing clearly again with our hearing health solutions. If you are a Pensioner or Veteran, you may be eligible for free hearing care. Speak with our friendly team today.


Did you know the Australian Government's Department of Health provides Free Hearing Care Services for everyone with a current Pension concession & Veteran Card?

As Department of Health Hearing Services Provider, let us take care of the paperwork for your free treatment, so you get to enjoy a life with clear hearing again!

First Time or Replacement.. We've Got You Covered

Tinnitus Specialist delivering information

Free Consultation & Hearing Assessment

Personalised appointments to find a solution to your hearing issues and provide a selection of treatment options

FREE or Partially Funded Premium Hearing Aids*

Access a range of fully or partially funded hearing loss devices that deliver superior speech understanding

Professional Fitting & Private Clinic Treatment

No hours waiting in line. You’ll be treated the same as every one of our clients – like family

*Depending on individual circumstances, some hearing devices may require a discounted upgrade in order to fully address certain hearing problems. Patients may also be entitled to free upgrades if they have private health fund.

Book An Eligibility Consultation

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Pensioners & Veterans Can Enjoy Clear Hearing Again Absolutely Free of Charge at EAR STUDIO

Pensioners & Veterans are not only entitled to free hearing care, they deserve good quality hearing aids and personalised solutions

As Department of Health Hearing Services Providers, at Ear Studio we’re committed to helping you access the help you need to hear the best you can.