Hearing Aid Services to Bring Your Devices Back to Life & Hear Clearly Again

No new purchases required in most cases. A unique German approach, with service consultations held at Castle Hill, Sydney will revive your existing hearing aids.

This unique German methodolody and approach is exclusive to EAR STUDIO. Our state-of-the-art and TGA approved equipment is licensed to EAR STUDIO exclusively.

"I spent over $6,000 on hearing aids at a different provider but stopped using them after a little while as they were not working well for me. After Daniel fitted my devices with custom made moulds and several adjustments they are now working really well."

 - Richard, Castle Hill

"Daniel is highly professional and such a warm and friendly person. I always enjoy going to my appointments."  

- Lizbeth

Have you invested a significant amount of money on hearing aids, but they don't seem to work well, or are uncomfortable?

Chances are, your hearing aids are actually in working order, but may not be set appropriately to meet your hearing needs. Get them checked at EAR STUDIO, and through our unique, specialist approach you get the most out of your existing hearing aids:

Best Outcome With Your Existing Hearing Aids

Chances are, your hearing aids are in working order, but we need to make precise adjustments to match & meet your unique requirements

Clear, Fixed Service Pricing

Our services range between $400-$950*, including all hearing assessments, reprogramming & follow up appointments

Significant Hearing Improvement or YOUR MONEY BACK

Our commitment to you, so that you have a measureable hearing outcome using your existing devices

*This service is FREE OF CHARGE for eligible pensioners!
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Your hearing aid could be only an appointment away from being fully functional.

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Get your hearing aids fixed today with EAR STUDIO, and enjoy these benefits in no time:

Improve Hearing Results

Helping you eliminate many inconveniences due to hearing problems

Zero Wastage

Let us use our unique approach and technology to revive your hearing aids. This approach is only available at EAR STUDIO, Castle Hill!

Effortless Conversations with Loved Ones

Enjoy conversations with family and friends without the usual strain and hear clearly again!

Don't leave your hearing aids in the drawer, believing you will never have your hearing back.

Get them fixed today with EAR STUDIO, and hear clearly again.