Affordable, Quick & Easy
Ear Wax Removal
in Castle Hill

  • Concise 30-minute ear-cleaning appointment 
  • We use the latest pain-free micro-suction technology
  • Specialty head-worn microscopes allows clear vision of the ear canal to safely remove wax
  • Local & Family Owned 


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Clearer Ears After Just One Appointment

Pain-Free Ear Wax Removal

In a 30-minute appointment, we remove ear wax, mostly without the prior use of softening agents.


  • All procedures are carried out under direct vision through a head-worn microscope to ensure maximum patient safety.
  • Our specialists work to ensure maximum patient comfort and safety.
  • The integrity of the ear canal and eardrums are reviewed before and after any procedure.


If no wax is found in the ears, we use your booked appointment time and proceed with an investigation of what causes your symptoms.


We provide a clear report to your medical practitioner with recommendations for further treatment if that is required. 


Our Unique & Uncompromising Approach

Other Hearing Clinics

Ear Studio

Hearing Specialists

At EAR STUDIO, we’re hearing specialists here to address any problems associated with overall ear health and clarity of hearing. A blocked feeling in the ears is often caused by ear wax build up and can result in ear infections. 


At our clinic in Castle Hill, Sydney, we offer professional ear wax removal services. If there is no ear wax found in your appointment, which means ear wax is not the cause of your hearing blockage, we will thoroughly investigate the cause of your symptoms and provide a medical report to your doctor for prompt treatment.

What Our Clients Say

Michael Franks
Michael Franks
Many thanks to Brendan for his professionalism to diagnose a clogged ear canal in my elderly mother's ear, a problem in loss of hearing that was missed for years. After it was cleared, my mother can now hear far more than she could ever hear, and equally thank you to the ladies in reception who were so accommodating and cheerful.
Joo Han
Joo Han
I've experience sudden hearing loss with one of my ear, after been throughly examined & clean by Daniel, immediately I've got my hearing back, Highly recommended service to anyone who need it.
100% recommend, all who work here are extremely polite, welcoming and very professional. I personally recommend Dr. Ahmad, absolutely exceptional at what he does.
Alicia Malmur
Alicia Malmur
Daniel was so helpful, I couldn't believe how quick the procedure was. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you.
Sue McAllister
Sue McAllister
My GP suspected I had BPPV, Ear Studio where wonderful giving me a comprehensive examination. Professional, Caring and gave me confidence while finding an outcome. I would highly recommend Ear Studio. Thank you
Extremely professional
Hao Jiang
Hao Jiang
Fast and professional !
Nyree Mukundwa
Nyree Mukundwa
The ABSOLUTE BEST! fit me in on the day as I was so uncomfortable effortlessly unblocked both ears. I will be going back every 6 months for maintenance. Wonderful people and wonder service. Thank you!

Blocked Ears?

If your ears are feeling blocked and uncomfortable, book a convenient time below to have them cleaned.

All ear wax removal procedures are carried out under direct vision through a head-worn
microscope to achieve maximum safety for our patients. Where required, the patient benefits from the added
support of a hearing screening after cerumen removal to identify any potential hearing

Daniel Fechner
Director, Founder & Audiometrist

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