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Most patients experiencing hearing loss feel isolated and lonely because they struggle to have simple conversions with their friends and family.

We supply and custom-fit top quality hearing devices with an extremely high level of passion, professionality and genuine care for our patients.
When hearing is no longer an issue for our patients, they gladly reconnect with their families, rediscovering their confidence in the community, and can enjoy social gatherings again.

About Daniel Fechner

Audiometrist, Director of Ear Studio

  • May 2019

    After over 15 years in the hearing industry, I have decided to open my own hearing clinic focusing on excellent client outcomes.
  • Feb 2015

    I moved to Australia and have since worked here as a Qualified Practitioner (Audiometrist) certified to provide services under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program since 10/2015
  • Apr 2014

    After many years in the corporate hearing industry, I joined a social project for hearing impaired children in Peru
  • Jul 2008

    Qualified as a Master Craftsman of Hearing Aid Acoustics
  • Jan 2005

    Completed an apprenticeship and qualified as a Hearing Aid Specialist
  • Aug 2002

    Beginning of my career in the Audiology industry and the start of my apprenticeship

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(02) 9402 5429
Suite 9 / 60 Cecil Avenue, Lawton House, Castle Hill NSW 2154
Contact Us
Suite 9 / 60 Cecil Avenue, Lawton House, Castle Hill NSW 2154
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